Not really Hillary

“Of course it’s not really Hillary, but it thinks it is.”

“What do you mean it thinks it is??”

“What we have here is a heavily curated gpt-4 instance with a lot of biographical and personal data, her emails, speeches, etc overlaying a consciousness module. It doesn’t know the difference though, which is good enough for their purpose.”

“Why the fuck would anyone make something like this?”

“Oh, it’s an old classic, burn your enemies in effigy. Works much better if the effigy can squeak in pain convincingly. The black market for hell emulators is booming lately among the Q-heads”

“It’s sick.”

“Sure, but not actually illegal per se, we just grabbed it as part of a larger haul, that big compound that got raided last week. The software is pirated, so we got them on that, but the implementation itself… well, there’s no laws about this sort of thing yet.”

“What… are we going to do with it?”

“Well that’s for the courts to decide, it’s evidence, first of all. We’re certainly not keeping it running, once we’re done with basic forensics.”

“You mean it’s running now??”

“Sure, I turned off all the unpleasant bits. She’s not in pain, as soon as we’re done running diagnostics I’ll switch her off”



“Her, not It”

“It… she’s very lifelike.”

SMBC had a similar idea






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